How to use and manage the built-in password authenticator in iOS 15

How to use and manage the built-in password authenticator in iOS 15

How to use built-in password authenticator in iOS

iOS 15 has authentication technology built into the software so you can save time and focus on the task at hand instead. You do not need to remember your username and password to access sites and services. I'll show you how to set up the built-in authenticator and quickly sign in to services in the latest Apple iOS 15.

Does iOS 15 have a dedicated built-in authentication feature?

No, Apple has not added a dedicated feature that allows users to authenticate web applications in Safari or third-party browsers. The developers of the iOS software decided to leave it out of the system and add it to the password manager. Two-factor authentication is present in the “Passwords” section and it is not available in any of the previous versions of iOS below 15. Let me show you how you can set up passwords on iPhone and iPad, and then you can sign in to the account without entering details for entrance.

How to set up 2FA Authenticator on iPhone and iPad?

I often switch from one machine to another due to professional demand, so I'm going to set up 2FA on an iOS 15 device. Follow the instructions to set up 2FA on the latest iOS and you can choose any website or program.

  • open Settings and choose Passwords.
  • Press + icon to add a new website.
  • Now add credentials and click Made to save it.
  • Press Set up verification code > Scan QR code.
  • Open Discordand tap the gear icon.
  • To choose “Check” and then click “Enable two-factor authentication‘ to start the process.
  • Enter your account password to verify your identity.
  • Now scan the QR code displayed on your Discord account.
  • You can find the verification code in the saved passwords section.
  • Enter the code in your browser or Discord app, then click “Activate“.
  • 2FA is activated in Discord.
  • You can either download the code backup and SMS authentication, or continue with what you set up on the iOS device.

I decided to opt out of SMS authentication and skipped downloading backup codes. You can do the same with other online services and set up 2FA to avoid account hacking.

How to remove 2FA in online services?

You should remove two-factor authentication from the online service because you will need the information stored on your iOS device to verify your identity in the first place. In the event that you previously deleted or deleted the configuration on the iPhone or iPad, then you risk losing your account forever. I will show you how to remove 2FA on Discord since I used it as a demo medium.

  • Open Discord in a browser or dedicated client.
  • Click on the gear icon below your name.
  • To choose “Check” and click on the button “Remove two-factor authentication” option.
  • Enter the backup code, which is available under “iOS Passwords” and then click “Remove 2FA”.
  • 2FA has been removed from Discord.

You must first remove the two-factor authentication in the online service, and then proceed with the removal on the iOS device.

How to remove 2FA in iOS 15?

Two-factor authentication plays a critical role in protecting your account and protecting it from unauthorized access.

Don't skip the guide above because first you need to remove 2FA on an online service like Discord, Facebook or any other service.

Do not delete the account in “Passwords” because this may block your account on the Internet where you set up 2FA.

  • open”Settings” from the main screen.
  • Swipe down and select “Passwords” continue.
  • Select an account and I chose Discord
  • Click on “Remove password‘ to start the initiative.
  • Confirm the action by clicking Remove Password to remove it permanently.

You have successfully uninstalled Discord 2FA in iOS 15 built-in password authenticator. Consider upgrading your iOS version. If you have any bugs in the existing software, you can read the online news related to the new version to avoid further problems.

How to edit accounts in iOS 15 built-in authenticator?

Changing passwords is a common practice that everyone does from time to time to protect accounts. If you recently changed the password of any account, you should update it on your iOS 15 device or you may encounter errors.

  • open Settings > Passwords.
  • Select an account and I chose Discord.
  • Now click on “Edit” is located in the upper right corner.
  • Overwrite the credentials and then click “Made‘ to save the changes.

You know the rest of the instructions and reset the password in the Apple device and it will save the new changes. Of course, I won't recommend resetting your password on a website until you know what you're doing.

Final words

2FA is a powerful way to protect accounts on social networks, email, delivery services, etc. You should be careful with this technology because it can also block your account. Be sure to secure your Apple ID recovery options and turn on iCloud backup because this information is saved for future purposes.

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