Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 2023 Templar’s Oath Update Patch Notes

by admin, Saturday, 15 July 2023 (10 months ago)
Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 2023 Templar’s Oath Update Patch Notes

In Call of Duty Mobile, as the story progresses, Templar survives a near-death experience at the hands of Ghost and returns even stronger. He reappears as Mythic Templar — Couteau’s Oath in Season 6 of COD Mobile. Along with introducing a new powerful character, this season also brings exciting additions such as a 4v4v4 Arena mode, an expanded Armada map for Ground War battles, Goliath Clash 2.0 events, new weapons, and perks. Additionally, players can expect to see a new Battle Royale class and other exciting features in this upcoming season.

COD Mobile Season 6 2023: Battle Pass

The Templar’s Oath Battle Pass offers various free and paid items such as new operator skins, weapon blueprints, calling cards, and additional COD Points. These can be used for future purchases in the Premium Pass or Store.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

By reaching Tier 21 in the Battle Pass, you can obtain the Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle which is both easy to carry and portable, enhancing your weaponry capabilities. At Tier 14, you can acquire the Survival Training Multiplayer Perk that grants protection against one enemy tactical equipment every half a minute. Additionally, there are various camos, Weapon Blueprints available as well as unlocking the MAC-10 – Mercy at Tier 50 within the free tier of rewards.

Premium Pass Tiers

If you purchase the Premium Pass, you will be able to view all of the content on Templar’s Oath stream. This includes special Operator Skins such as Bulldozer’s Primal Threat, Samael’s Mighty Cyclops, Wraith’s Berserkr, and Alice’s Enchanted Woods. Additionally, you can use new Epic weapons like GKS — Metal Scales, Hades — Forest Rifle, L-CAR 9 — Flaming Sun, SP-R 208 — Celestial Nights, and Grau 5.56 — Nordic Warrior by obtaining Weapon Blueprints.

Battle Pass Subscription

Join the Ground Forces by buying a Battle Pass Subscription, which gives you additional rewards every season as well as a 10% increase in experience points for both players and weapons. Additionally, you can enjoy special discounts on 10x crate pulls.

The rewards for Call of Duty Mobile Season 6’s Ground Forces include the Adler – Gauntlet Operator Skin, the DL Q33 – Ebony Lion Weapon Blueprint, and Backpack – Ebony Lion.

COD Mobile Season 6 2023: Multiplayer updates

New Arena Mode is coming to 4v4v4, Goliath 2.0

By introducing the Multiplayer Arena mode, players can now participate in an exciting new competitive adventure. In Battle Royale, three teams of four will be sent to either the Ecology Lab or New Vision City for round-based combat. Prior to starting the match, players have a chance to explore the map and purchase useful items for the opening round. As each round progresses, a circle collapse will gradually force players closer together. If you get eliminated during a round, you’ll have to wait until the next one as respawning is not allowed in this mode.

In the game, players have the option to buy weapons and equipment in between rounds using tokens they earn by completing objectives like defeating enemies. By eliminating drones placed throughout the battlefield, you can obtain additional gear and tokens. The team that manages to win both rounds first ultimately determines the outcome of the match.

Goliath Clash 2.0

Prepare for increased chaos in the mech battles with the release of Goliath Clash 2.0. This new version offers a wider selection of maps and replaces the Silver Goliath with an upgraded Golden Goliath. The enhanced features include an infinite fire option that temporarily boosts firing speed and provides unlimited ammunition until the weapon needs to cool down. Additionally, this advanced model allows players to carry two Death Machines simultaneously, resulting in more powerful attacks capable of causing substantial damage.

Armada map is coming to Ground War

The complete Armada map will be added to Ground War, which expands the naval conflict introduced in the previous season with Armada Strike. This version of the game includes battles that occur on ships as well as in open waters.

By strategically placing zip wires, you can quickly move between ships. If you prefer a more powerful mode of transportation, you can select one of the vehicles available on the map like the Gunboat, hoverbike, or helicopter. These vehicles offer improved user interfaces and efficient deployment features for smoother gameplay. However, if things get intense or if you want to remain inconspicuous, swimming is always an option.

COD Mobile Season 6 2023: Battle Royale updates

New Battle Royale Class: Kinetic Station

Enhance the protection of your team by utilizing the latest Kinetic Station Battle Royale class. Utilize your skills to create a stand that can generate kinetic armor for all members of the group. The armor deflects incoming bullets across the entire body until either the skill duration ends or enough damage has been received.

Be cautious of enemy snipers and grenades as the kinetic armor cannot protect against melee attacks, headshots, fire damage, or explosions. Ensure that the stand is well guarded to prevent any interference from hostile forces as it could potentially be harmed. Complete the “Damage Denied” Seasonal Objective in order to unlock the Kinetic Station Battle Royale class.

New Themed Event: Mythical Mission

Earn Etched Stones by participating in multiplayer and Battle Royale matches, completing daily challenges and tasks. These stones can be used to claim nodes on the map; however, it is important to note that some nodes offer greater advantages than others. Therefore, it is crucial to make wise decisions when choosing which actions to take in order to receive a substantial reward.

Participate in fresh seasonal challenges and events to unlock operator skins, weapon blueprints, gain experience points for the battle pass, and obtain other rewards. These events also provide an opportunity to access the Kinetic Station Battle Royale class mentioned earlier as well as a new attachment called Heartseeker.

To better deal with distant opponents, equip the latest Heartseeker attachment onto the Hades LMG. This will help identify nearby enemies and prevent unexpected attacks from the sides, making it a valuable asset for self-defense.

Store Update: Mythic Templar and more

Edouard Couteau, also known as Templar, has returned with a new identity called Mythic Templar — Couteau’s Oath. He has become even more powerful after discovering his family’s ancient armor. In Season 6 of the game, all players will have access to an exciting Battle Royale story that explains the origins of the Templars’ new protective gear. Additionally, players can obtain the formidable Legendary PP19 Bizon weapon named Oath’s Defiance through a special Draw feature.

Players who unlock the new Mythic Operator skin through the Skydiving Emote upgrade path can also purchase a separate Battle Royale plane skin and a unique skin for the Kinetic Station Battle Royale class.

Starting from The Heat, Season 6 introduces two Battle Passes to the Battle Pass Vault. Unlock highly sought-after Operators like Rosa — Double Agent, Soap — Takedown, Price — The Captain, and Domino — Revolutionary. Acquire blueprints for exceptional weapons such as the Type 25 — Jungle Militia, HG 40 — All Angles, DL Q33 — Black Market, ICR-1— Blood Money,and MX9— Stone Serpent through purchase.

Additionally, the Radical Raid Battle Pass will be placed in storage, allowing you to acquire various Operator Skins such as Killgore, Gunzo the Clown, Park the Glam, American Bulldog Chrome Dome. Furthermore, you can obtain Weapon Blueprints including Park the Clown Jaguar 2000 by HBRa3 Far Frontier by R9-0 Space Captain by DL Q33 Hair Metal by Kilo 141 and Banana Blaster by MAC 10.



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